28 Free Things To Do In The South Jersey Area This Summer.. With The Kids! (or just as cool without them.)

South Jersey History & Adventures

They say, “The best things in life are free.” No kidding! Here are some great and FREE places that are kid-friendly to see this summer of 2014!

1. Batsto Village, Wharton State Forest

20140611-105823-39503488.jpg The Wharton Mansion at Batsto.

Take a tour of the museum and learn about the ecology of the pine barrens..then tour the grounds and saw mill. Bring a picnic lunch and hike portions of the Batona Trail.

2. The Palmyra Cove, Palmyra

20140611-110010-39610105.jpg “Pier” at the Palmyra Cove.

Learn about the Delaware River in the free museum and pursue the small art gallery. Learn about the “baseball mud” used in the MLB, tour the trails and see various flora and fauna on the property.

3. The Cape May Zoo

20140611-112404-41044597.jpg Albino Wallaby at the Cape May Zoo.

Probably the most-popular zoo in the area (besides Philadelphia’s). The kids will have a blast!

4. Enjoy A Beach Day in Wildwood

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Your Bed is Your New Tattoo’s Worst Enemy!

TAM Blog

By Durb


Having tattooed for the last 25 years, I’ve seen my fair share of tattoos that have healed badly due to the client simply sleeping in their bed. Usually these tattoos have incurred most of the damage, infection and hard healing from when the client sleeps with their fresh, new tattoo with unseen dangerous elements lurking in their bed. Sleeping is definitely one of the greatest moments during a new tattoo collector’s day to do the most damage to their new artwork. When people sleep, they are for the most part completely unaware of pain or minor discomforts, allowing them to be completely unaware of their new tattoo sticking to sheets, seeping onto the sheets and exposing their skin to possible other irritations to the new tattoo. Some of the most common issues while sleeping with a new tattoo is simply sticking to bedsheets, but it’s what’s on those…

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New Themes: Kelly and Arcade

The WordPress.com Blog

This week we’re pleased to introduce you to two new themes: Kelly and Arcade!


Kelly by Automattic

Kelly, a delightful new free theme, was created by Automattic designer Kelly Hoffman. About creating Kelly, she says, “I really wanted to keep it simple but fun, which is why I went with bold splashes of color and large type.”

Kelly‘s discerning typography and single-column layout makes reading an absolute pleasure, while multiple widget areas in the footer give plenty of space for related information. Let Kelly be your next beautiful blog canvas.


Arcade by c.bavota

Arcade, a new premium WordPress.com theme by Montréal designer/developer c.bavota, features both a fun flair and refined aesthetic. Boasting a full-screen background and five widget areas, it also gives users unique access to a full library of icons for their own creative use. Suitable for blogs and modern-minded businesses alike, Arcade can convey your message to…

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How Australian Local SEO Companies Operate

There are many local SEO companies in Australia and you might have got one of their SEO packages already. They operate with a single goal in mind: to improve the visibility of your website in the local search rankings. The website must be improved through various strategies in order to be properly optimized for the search engines. The SEO packages combine several methods to make your business receive first page ranking for relevant searches.

First of all, the SEO specialist updates the information found on the website. He makes sure that all the information is complete and correct. He checks whether the search engines get the required information that people need to contact the business and that there is enough useful information about the business itself.
Almost all SEO companies focus on Google, as it’s undoubtedly the most important search engine in the world. So, all SEO packages aim to get the best results in this search engine. They can upload photos related to your business for the people to know what you have to offer. They will also enable Google to show the location of the business on Google Maps.

The local customers will be able to send online reviews about their experience with the business. This will make new customers trust the website as it’s confident enough to allow opinions from people who tried the services. People are always more likely to purchase something when they can evaluate the service or goods based on the experience provided by other customers.

Then the local SEO company will add the business on different local websites such as local directories and even social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook. Listings on major websites will provide higher rankings for local searches.

Selecting the correct keywords is another major concern of SEO packages. It has to identify the search terms that will provide the most efficient results. The keywords are used in meta description, page content, title tags and header tags.

The Australian local SEO company will offer you SEO packages according to your needs and location (for example SEO Sydney). Don’t forget to ask the SEO Australia company about the exact strategy that they will use to optimize your website for the search engines. There is no standard way in which these companies operate, as each business is unique in its own way, but it’s always good to know the steps performed to achieve your goal of getting high rankings in the local search results.